Practice Fees

Fees 1st January 2024

Non concession Fee structure

Appointment TypeFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Consultation (less than 20 mins)$91.40$41.40$50
Long Consultation (20 minutes or longer)$130.10$80.10$50
Prolonged Consultation (40 minutes or longer)$168.00$118.00$50

Concession/Health Care Card holder/Pensioner Fee structure

Appointment TypeFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Consultation (less than 20 mins)$66.40$41.40$25.00
Long Consultation (20 minutes or longer)$105.10$80.10$25.00
Prolonged Consultation (40 minutes or longer)$143.00$118.00$25.00

Some procedures may incur a higher out of pocket fee. These will be discussed with you prior to the procedure

Telehealth Consultations Please note that telehealth consultations are charged the same rate as face-to-face consultations. A Medicare rebate is applicable only if you have been to the clinic in the last 12 months, and this rebate can be processed at the time of payment.

The reception are usually able to process your rebate at the time of payment.  There are occasions when medicare are unable to automatically process the account, without further review, if you have your bank details registered with medicare, the rebate can be deposited directly from medicare after review.

Non-Medicare Services

There a number of services that do not attract a Medicare rebate.

These accounts will need to be paid at the completion of your appointment. Please enquire with reception for the fee structure.
These include but not limited to:

  • Forms
  • Pre employment medicals
  • Insurance reports
  • Commercial drivers licence

Some services that may be available without an appointment. The GP reserves the right to request an appointment at any time.

  • Repeat script requests without a consultation
  • Repeat referrals without a consultation
Accounts for the above can be paid over the phone.  Your card details will be taken and the account processed when the request has been completed.  We DO NOT keep your card details.  These are shredded in accordance with Qld State law.  This is why we will request your card details on each separate occasion.

A medication that has not been prescribed by your GP will need an appointment.

A referral to a new specialist will require an appointment with your GP.